Irish history and more

My name is Jörgen Hartogs. I have been living and working in Ireland since 2003 and have provided guided walking tours in Dublin, including the Wicklow Mountains, Belfast and Cork.
I currently provide walking tours in Cork and the South Cork region, but I’m also available to tour operators and tour companies to provide guided tours.
Check out my blog here:

I have also completed a diploma at University College Cork in Local and Regional Studies. You’ll find more on that course here:

As a native Dutch, Flemish and German speaker I also have fluent, near native, level English and a working knowledge of Irish, Afrikaans, Latin, Swedish and Norwegian.
I provide translations to and from German, Dutch, English and Flemish, but I have also translated documents from Swedish, Norwegian, Latin, Afrikaans and Irish into English, though I do not offer translations the other way round as I believe in quality above everything else and I would not rate my proficiency levels in those languages sufficient yet. Hopefully I will be able to improve this in the coming years.

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