No. 2 : Justin Barrett & Michael Quinn

Spotlight on the Right


During the 1990s, Justin Barrett and Michael Quinn were leading members of the militant anti-abortion group Youth Defence.

They were arrested together, along with six other Youth Defence associates, during a violent picket in May 1998 outside the Adelaide Hospital in Dublin.

Both men, while retaining links with Youth Defence, went onto become dedicated and committed far-right activists.

Though the two have dropped out of public activity, it is still useful to trace their political careers. Also pose the question as to why such a number of leading Youth Defence members have become active in right-wing politics ranging from Catholic Irish Nationalism to White Power neo-Fascism.

This is especially ironic in the wake of the recent video from Youth Defence (23 September 2016) that links the slogan and campaign to ‘Repeal the 8th Amendment’ to slavery, the Holocaust and segregation in the United States.

Justin Barrett:

Justin Barrett was born in Cork city in 1971. He was fostered when he was…

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