About Me

My name is Jörgen Hartogs. I have been living and working in Ireland since 2003 and have provided guided walking tours in Dublin, including the Wicklow Mountains, Belfast and Cork.
I currently provide walking tours in Cork and the South Cork region, but I’m also available to tour operators and tour companies to provide guided tours.
Check out my blog here: http://irishhistoryfiles.wordpress.com

I have also completed a diploma at University College Cork in Local and Regional Studies. You’ll find more on that course here: http://irishhistoryfiles.wordpress.com/ucc-dlrs

As a native Dutch, Flemish and German speaker I also have fluent, near native, level English and a working knowledge of Irish, Afrikaans, Latin, Swedish and Norwegian.
I provide translations to and from German, Dutch, English and Flemish, but I have also translated documents from Swedish, Norwegian, Latin, Afrikaans and Irish into English, though I do not offer translations the other way round as I believe in quality above everything else and I would not rate my proficiency levels in those languages sufficient yet. Hopefully I will be able to improve this in the coming years.

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jørgen Hartogs and I live, work and study in County Cork, Ireland. I was not born in Ireland but moved here later on in life. Though I have Dutch nationality I have been living in Ireland long enough to be considered one of the “natives” by some. I won’t claim to be Irish as I don’t have Irish nationality nor was I born here but I would like to pride myself on having integrated very well. Having lived in Belfast, Dublin and Cork I now live in south county Cork in a typical, rural town. I’m working for a multi-national in Cork city, where I use German, English, Dutch and Flemish daily, and I study Local History and Regional Studies at UCC and Cultural Anthropology at Colaiste Stiofan Naofa. Of course I’m interested in folklore, history, archeology and geography and my real passion is the folklore of Ireland.I’m mad about the GAA and Gaelic Football in particular and I have been a Kerry supporter for years. Combining my passions for the GAA and folklore I mostly write about the GAA, but I also write about a large number of other subjects. If you would like to contact me feel free to send me a message.


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